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Eyes as a powerful means of nonverbal communication | Test

Eyes as a powerful means of nonverbal communication.

Audrey Nelson Ph.D. wrote in her "The Politics of Eye Contact:...": From birth to death and all occasions in between, the eyes have it. While women and men differ in their eye behavior and what that behavior means, eye contact is the strongest form of nonverbal communication. A study headed by Stephen Janik and Rodney Wellens at the University of Miami in Florida found that 43.4 percent of the attention we focus on someone is devoted to their eyes, with the mouth running a poor second at 12.6 percent. (The mouth and the eyes together account for 56 percent of our attention.)

We attend to others' eyes because these organs are highly expressive of emotions. Why would we want to look into another's eyes if not to assess what that person is feeling? Think about the sentiments conveyed when a loved one's eyes are dulled and flat, when they're sparkling with joy, when they're softened by passion, when they're filled with fear or surprise, or when they're brimming with tears. How about the images or songs that accompany the following descriptions: shifty eyes, laughing eyes, wild eyes, lying eyes, and Bette Davis eyes.

The eyes are truly the windows to the soul. You can tell a lot about a person's life and personality by their eyes. On the flip side, they may also say a lot about you too.

  • Take a peek at the image above. Don't overthink it, just pick the eye that seems to draw you in the most.
  • Keep in mind, this is just for fun! We're not claiming to know everything about you or trying to predict your future. Hopefully, you can read articles like these with an open mind and gain something from them.
  • This obviously won't be accurate for everyone, but in general you'd be shocked how much a simple internet quiz can reveal about you.


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