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Individual and group language courses run by professional teachers who have verified qualifications in the field of teaching foreign languages.
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LingRoom for Business - How does it work?

LingRoom is a platform that offers language courses for business clients in Poland. We work only with qualified teachers, which guarantees the highest level of services we provide. A personalized offer that takes into account the individual needs of the company, meets the expectations of even the most demanding business.

Kursy językowe dla klientów biznesowych w całej Polsce – Jak to działa?

Why should I try it?

Indywidualne oraz grupowe kursy językowe w wybranej lokalizacji


We will carefully tailor the offer to the individual needs of your company, taking into account the selected location and form of classes as well as the planned budget and the method of settlements.

Tylko profesjonalni lektorzy z doświadczeniem w pracy z klientem korporacyjnym

Only Professional Tecahers

LingRoom teachers have high qualifications in teaching foreign languages, which are always carefully verified. Experience in working with a corporate client in a multinational environment and high personal culture, guarantees that their language courses are effective and fully professional.

Kontrola zajęć z dostępem do raportów oraz statystyk

Control of Language Classes

Access to reports and statistics, allows you to easily control the number of lessons completed in the selected time range, list of participants assigned to a given group and their absence.

Group progress 82%
Grupowe kursy językowe prowadzone przez profesjonalnych lektorów
Kalendarz zajęć LingRoom

22 apr, 11am
at Platynowa 8

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Full Personalization

Specific business requirements? Let us match the LingRoom functions to the individual needs of your company.

LingRoom For Enterprises – any place and any time

For Enterprise

Registration on LingRoom’s platform is absolutely free, as is lifetime user access to LingRoom’s features and databases.

Our Key Account manager will be happy to provide detailed information about the LingRoom platform, benefits, and options of cooperation. There are two options: fill in the required form to request a meeting at a time and day convenient for you or leave your phone number and name so that our Key Account manager can contact you — within one hour — to arrange a meeting.

A two-party agreement (B2B) between your company and LingRoom Sp. z o.o. will need to be signed for the languages courses provided by LingRoom Sp z o.o. A draft agreement can be provided upon written request or we can use your company template.

a. Business potential. The high level of employees’ proficiency in foreign languages is indisputably a growing business trend that increases the potential of an organization.
b. Efficiency. Working with the LingRoom platform is generally more effective than working with traditional schools or online language platforms. If you get a teacher via the LingRoom platform, you avoid the costs of working with a traditional school. Notably, you won’t have to pay for a physical location, rent, advertising, marketing, school administration, or other school costs. With LingRoom, you pay for your personal teacher. You’ll find it very affordable to get personal language lessons as teachers charge their own rates; this means that you can pick a price that is within your budget. And you pay for only the lessons you take. Language learning in person or in groups with a tutor is the most efficient and proven way to succeed in learning foreign languages. 
c. Personal choice. Choose a teacher that's right for company’s needs and targets. You can make an informed and independent choice from a community of highly educated and experienced teaching professionals, all of whom have excellent references. Choose from hundreds of teachers. You can also change teachers depending on your needs. Employees are taught in a way that best fits their company’s culture and style. Lessons are run at your desired pace. You choose the set-up of the course — learn in person or in groups — as well as the time and the place. The tutor can come to your chosen location — be it at your company premises or other locations.
d. Comfort of usage. There is no need for specialist IT knowledge, and there are no complicated settings on LingRoom’s platform. LingRoom’s platform is very simple and intuitive. Our Key Account manager will set up and configure your company profile,  help with preparation of  employee lists, and provide training and templates. He or she will be your point of contact, whatever the questions you might have. What’s more, LingRoom provides a 24/7 helpline.
e. Full control. LingRoom’s platform is dynamic: a dashboard, calendar synchronization, access to materials,  reports and statistics, actual lessons, and a balance and payments history all work to support your needs and give you full control. Reports and statistics can be customized in line with your business-specific and management requirements.
f. Quality. LingRoom focuses on ensuring the highest efficiencies in its processes and on providing uncompromised quality. The platform is developing fast, as a result of use by professional tutors and expatriates who, increasingly, require a means of acquiring different languages fast.

a.LingRoom meticulously reviews every teacher’s application before allowing a new teacher to publish his or her profile. All applications are reviewed by LingRoom experts who are educators themselves, and we only accept teachers who we are confident will provide the highest quality language lessons for students.
b.All teachers registered on LingRoom:
     i.Are natives or at an advanced (C2) level in the language(s) they teach
     ii.Are expected to conform to LingRoom’s Teacher Policies and Code of Conduct
     iii.Are admitted only after submitting an application that has been reviewed and accepted by LingRoom experts
     iv.Have verified professional teaching credentials
c.Teachers have  several indicators on their personal profile; this is to help you determine if a teacher meets your requirements:
     i.Rating – the average score given by other students to the teacher
     ii.Total number of students the teacher has taught since being registered on LingRoom
     iii.Total number of lessons the teacher has given since being registered on LingRoom
     iv.LingRoom partnership status of the teacher
d.Teachers are required to write a personal introduction to tell students about themselves and their lessons.
e.Teachers are also advised to record a video introduction to introduce themselves — speaking in the language(s) they teach.
f.You can also check a teacher’s previous experience, education, and certification. If you see a check-mark alongside a teacher’s profile, this means that LingRoom has verified that teacher's certificate.
g.Students are encouraged to leave comments and public feedback after a lesson. This can help you to form an opinion of a teacher.

The company administrator(s) has full access to an administrator’s dashboard that contains each business student’s individual scorecards and progress reports. These reports can be printed or exported if needed.

LingRoom’s platform provides various reports. Tailored reports can be created upon request if required. This option can be presented to you by your LingRoom Key Account manager.

LingRoom’s platform guarantees an uninterrupted language learning process for your employees. A teacher can be replaced at any time, without any additional charges, upon a company administrator’s request. LingRoom will provide a temporary teacher replacement if there is a short time of absence. At LingRoom, maintaining quality and stability in the learning process are our priorities.

 A range of tests can be provided upon request if needed. Your company will receive the test report(s) with comments from the teacher. This option can be presented to you by your LingRoom Key Account manager.

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