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Requires: Age: 4-11,12-18,18+

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5 lessons / 60min

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300 PLN (60 PLN / lesson)

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Friendly, Open minded, Passionate, Focused, and goal oriented. I like meeting people with diverse experience and ideas; Travelling, music and sport gives me the needed edge to life. My background connotes a great deal of passion for teaching which transcended from my mother, who is a reowned lecturer to me; Growing up, learning the antics and techniques of teaching methodology, which helped me to excel in the art of teaching, far and across different parts of the world, where I worked as a teacher since 2005. My teaching methodology is student-centered, which allows greater interaction, communication and practical demonstration between the student and the teacher, breaking the barrier, which tends to inhibit the fluency of my students towards effective speaking and communication in English Language. It is your right to write, speak and communicate effectively in English Language, lets do it !!! ALL SILESIA (SLASKIE) CITIES..

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