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Requires: Age: 4-11,12-18,18+

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10 lessons / 60min

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Hi, my name’s Tash and I’m an English tutor certified by ASU with 5 years of teaching experience (teaching kids and adults, General and Business English, preparation for exams, organizing speaking clubs, and helping my students prepare for job interviews, etc.) And I bet you are here because you: - find speaking English quite scary and are afraid to be misunderstood; - want to get a promotion/better job which requires some degree of fluency in the language; - need to pass an exam; - don’t want to pay a taxi driver “fifty” when in fact he said “fifteen” while traveling abroad. Whichever your goal, I’m here to help. I’ve spent the last 5 years teaching students of various ages, personalities, and goals, which gave me a good understanding of different learning styles. My own 11+ years of English practice gave me the advantage of knowing lots of slang and the best ways to express yourself in different situations which I’m willing to share with you. In my classes, you will feel comfortable and respected. Every class will be devoted to achieving YOUR goals as fast as possible. Teaching English is my passion and I love passing it on to my students. I’ve helped more than 500 people now and invite you to start this journey with me as well. See you in my class!

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