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Requires: Age: 4-11,12-18,18+

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, I am an experienced Teacher of English lessons Conducting English lessons for children (kids), adolescents as well as adults at every level. l will help students, preparation for the final exams, high school program, preparation for junior high school exam, junior high school program, preparation for the eighth grade exam, primary school program. , l help in writing papers and essays, conversations , learning the correct pronunciation (phonetics), overcoming barriers in using English in speech, help begin to speak English to completely newbies and those who are afraid to use this language in the presence of others . For more advanced people, I will choose the right exercises and organize the practice of conversation and communication. I provide my own materials or work with your books, an individual approach to each student, various classes with the exercise of each skill, a nice and cultural atmosphere. NB : Don’t worry because Lessons are going to be conducted at student’s place. For more information concerning Prices, hours and anything you may want to know , please feel free and I am waiting for your call at +48 739 358 552 or via Facebook or via email adress given acturialscience5@gmail.com

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