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Mandarin Native

Requires: Age: 4-11,12-18,18+

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15 lessons / 45min

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300 PLN (20 PLN / lesson)

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Hi, I ‘m currently a medical student in Poznan. It always interests me of the idea to meet new people and share about the different things, regardless of cultures, sadness or happiness in daily life :) I speak fluent Chinese and English ( overall 7 on the IELTS English exam ) and perhaps a bit polish ( just really basic communication ) Throughout my schooling years, I have several experiences teaching classmates of different subjects, and I consider myself really patience and passionate. It always makes me feel a sense of achievement and happy when I see the people I taught understand the things they didn't figure out ! I would like my teaching to be more interactive and not just forces on the boring Chinese characters. I want to let my students not only learn a language, but also get more insights into this different culture apart from theirs ! From my own experiences, having interest in a culture can make the journey of learning a new language more relaxed and interesting !

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