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Polish Native

Requires: Age: 12-18,18+

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4 lessons / 60min

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180 PLN (45 PLN / lesson)

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Доброе утро, меня зовут Ольгерд. Я закончила Люблинский технологический университет. Приглашаем всех, кто хочет изучать польский язык. Я много преподаю и имею опыт преподавания польского языка, приглашаю на урок, вы обязательно останетесь довольны. Hi my name is Olgierd I live in Poland and am a native speaker of Polish. I graduated from Politechnika Lubelska . I have a master's degree in marketing and management. I have a lot of good material which learners of Polish find useful. I will tailor my lessons according to your needs. I will guide you personally and explain all the nuances of grammar which you may find difficult to understand on your own and so I'd like to invite you to join me for Polish lessons.

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