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I am a hardworking and talented person with near-native proficiency in English and a strong educational background in English conducted programs as to human factors engineering, psychology , industrial and production engineering, marketing and business, sales, communication and pedagogical skills. All my learners are from different age groups, from young learners to adults whom I provide them with practical lessons individually or in a group. I have also done in-company teaching to help my clients from different companies such as Rob-Tech, Unilever, EG system, Radaway, Samat and many more to improve their English abilities limited to their businesses. I have taught and used various teaching methods such as the direct method, communicative language teaching, English as a second language techniques and many more to boost my learners’ knowledge, confidence and fluency in conversational English , grammar and other necessary elements regarding listening, reading and writing. Moreover, I have gained a lot of experience in teaching English as a second language through movie techniques, educational podcasts, articles for students and many other techniques to increase their reading and writing comprehension along their progress in listening and spoken English. Finally, my hard work allows me to go further in order to be creative to deliver what I have experienced in easy and practical way to my potential learners to help them learn English easier and faster and help them speak English like a native!

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